Watch This ‘Girl’ Easily Beat the Actual Girls Competing in a Championship Track Race

The video clip is from a track meet in Idaho. A boy pretending to be a girl easily beats all the girls running in the race. This competition occurred before Idaho’s governor, Brad Little, signed a bill into law that bars this nonsense. Sadly, such action was necessary — in America’s heartland.

From Alliance Defending Freedom, which represents three high school girls who run track and sued the state of Connecticut over a policy that allows boys to compete against girls in sports:

If males are permitted to compete in women’s sports, it will be the end of women’s sports.

Men and women have vastly different physical make-ups. These differences are why we have separate men’s and women’s athletics in the first place! When we ignore biological reality, it’s women who get hurt. It is female athletes who will be displaced from podiums, denied scholarships, and cut from rosters.

That’s why Idaho’s law is so necessary and why more states should follow suit.

Do you think girls and women should boycott these competitions to put a stop to this?

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  1. Sovereign Mary

    Absolutely Sickening!

  2. Absolutely Unfair!!