This Legal Immigrant in Michigan Wants WORK, Not a Handout During COVID-19 Crisis

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  1. This man, the “epitome of a legal immigrant” = the epitome of a true, patriotic American. We are the “land of the FREE” because our ancestors [ neighbor in this case ] were BRAVE enough to refuse the “Nanny State” [i.e., the “S” word: “ocialism”].

  2. I am a first generation American my family comes from Spain and my first language is Spanish although I was born in the United States. My mother was a typical Spanish mother she could really hold a grudge she would not allow the language of witches (English) in our home she kept muttering something about an Armanda whatever that means. All my family came to the United States of America legally through Ellis Island I still have my mother’s Spanish passport with a United States visa stamp I do not have my father’s passport because he became a United States citizen prior to World War Two all my family climbed up the “Stairway to Heaven” on Ellis Island. For those of you who are ignorant of American history Ellis Island was not just an Immigration Inspection Station it was also a United States Public Health Service Inspection Station and Quarantine Center. If a foreigner arrived on Ellis Island and were flagged by the United States Public Health Service you had three ways of the island. First you got back on the ship and went back to your port of embarkation post haste. Second you were quarantined on Ellis Island until you were released. Third you stayed on Ellis Island until you died there were crematoriums on the island and 65% of the island are human ashes. If you died at sea your body fed the fish! In addition you had to prove you would not be a public charge and go on welfare and should my Ukrainian girlfriend finally decide to come to America and marry me I have to do the very same thing. This gentleman is just like my family he came to America to seek his fortune by working his ass for it. The Spanish people had a saying “America has a woman’s name but is for real men.”