WATCH: Voddie Baucham Calls Critical Race Theory a Sinister Worldview

Dr. Voddie Baucham, a pastor, professor, and author of Fault Lines: The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism’s Looming Catastrophe, calls Critical Race Theory (CRT) a sinister worldview.

Anti-police riots after the death of George Floyd and others strengthened the Black Lives Matter movement. The tenets of this so-called social justice movement and CRT began to spread and infect the country’s institutions, from K-12 government schools to corporations. CRT had made an appearance in college curricula, but now the disease has spread.

Dr. Baucham, who recently had quadruple bypass heart surgery, wrote about what is very much a fault line between this movement and evangelicalism. Faithwire interviewed him about the cultural changes instigated by the social justice movement. He said it “has all the trappings of a religion. It has its own cosmology. It has its own saints. It has its own liturgy. It has its own law.” These things make them “rather attractive to religious people.” Part of why the movement is sinister, he said, is because it gets the heart of some things that concern Christians: justice, racism, and equality.

Dr. Baucham discussed four main tenets of CRT: 1) racism is everywhere and unavoidable; 2) white people are incapable of righteous actions unless it converges with their interests; 3) rejection of the idea that objectivity is possible, and 4) the idea that knowledge is socially constructed.

Can we use the “good” of CRT and throw away the rest? Dr. Baucham says people who believe this are naive at best. CRT is a worldview with central tenets, and “everything that it does is seen through the lens of this worldview and these central tenets.” The idea of taking the “good” things about CRT “flies in the face of the idea of the sufficiency of Scripture.” Dr. Baucham said we don’t need CRT to teach us about race or the sin of partiality.

How should Christians see ethnicity? Dr. Baucham answers this question and many more. Watch the interview below.

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  1. Absolutely 💯 LO💙E Dr Voddie Baucham!! Been following him for some time… my favorite preacher/ Expositor along with Dr John MacArthur.
    Readers, HIGH HIGHLY Recommend Google ing Voddie Baucham via Youtube 💪🙏🤛