WATCH: What Liberal Doug Jones Will Have to Do if He Wants to Represent the Interests of Conservative Alabama

So what about that loss in Alabama? Those voters sent a liberal to the U.S. Senate for the first time in 26 years.

Doug Jones defeated former Alabama Supreme Court judge Roy Moore.

Is it time for the GOP to take a good look at itself? Ken Blackwell, former member of President Donald Trump’s transition team, said no. This election was up to the voters of Alabama. They knew both candidates and could weigh the accusers and the accused. They could sort out fact from fiction and make a decision.

“It would have been great if the judge had won,” Blackwell said, “and we could have been more sure that the Trump agenda” would get done. We lost the vote, he added, but Doug Jones is a Democrat who represents Alabama. If he wants to keep the seat longer than a term, he will speak in a voice that echoes the people of Alabama.

“He will have a very difficult time being pro-choice in pro-life Alabama. He will have a very difficult time playing out the scheme of the left in conservative Alabama.”

Blackwell lays out the choices Jones will have to make.

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  1. Hopefully Jones will represent the values of middle of the road Americans and he will not be just a rubberstamp for the liberal progressives implementing their communist agenda.
    The investigation of Moore and his accusers must not go away until the truth is found out. It would be ironic if the whole debacle was found to be a set up to merely discredit the judge and stop his election.

  2. So, what’s the latest on the allegations against Judge Moore? Surely there are people still clamoring for those “woke” women to be heard. Right, there is no latest. Wonder why? Ironic, not. Democrat tactic, yes. Oh yes, that and voter fraud.

    And, what about Senator Jones representing the people of Alabama? He was elected as a baby-killing Democrat, so what do the voters think he’ll do except vote to kill babies with Alabamans tax money. That’s what Democrats do. He doesn’t care about serving short term or serving the people of Alabama. He and the Dems are all about expediency. Their goal is to disrupt DJT, not represent anyone. Come on now! Per sneaky Rich Lowry, they are succeeding and we like it. We’re actually going to put them back in power in 2018, because we personally don’t like DJT, and we hope they succeed in overthrowing the Republican we voted for and replacing him with a Dem. Good Night!