What These Black Christians Think About the Homosexual Lobby Equating Race to Sexual Behavior

Garland Hunt, senior pastor at a church in Atlanta, stood with others in support of Jack Phillips in front of the U.S. Supreme Court this week.

“The First Amendment gives us the freedom of religion, not the freedom from religion,” he said. “The freedom of religion is an inalienable right that comes from God.”

The high court will hear the baker’s case this term after the Colorado Supreme Court refused to hear it. Phillips owns the Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado, where he made cakes for weddings and other occasions. When two homosexuals asked him to bake a cake for their “wedding,” he declined. They could have bought any cake in the store, but he would not create a cake specially for their “wedding.”

Rather than buying a cake already made or going to a different bakery, they complained to the government. The so-called human rights commission ruled against him, as did an appeals court. The state’s Supreme Court refused to hear the case.

Hunt, Dean Nelson, co-founder of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, and other black Christians, oppose equating sexual behavior with race. From the Daily Signal (emphasis added):

“Jack is an honorable man who has served his community through his business for all people, regardless of their race, creed, color, gender, or sexual identity,” Nelson said. “Jack as a Christian is compelled to love all people, and this is what he has done for decades.”

Janet Boynes, author of “Called Out: A Former Lesbian’s Discovery of Freedom,” said the civil rights movement started to help blacks gain their rights and sexual behavior is not the same as skin color.

“I resent having my race compared to what other people do in bed,” Boynes said.

LGBT activists want special rights, she said, and she is concerned that people are falling for the idea that homosexuality is not a choice. American culture is in a “downward spiral,” she said.

“God only condones and blesses sex between a man and a woman in marriage,” she said.

William Avon Keen, president of the Virginia chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, an organization co-founded by civil rights hero Martin Luther King Jr., said activists for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans have hijacked civil rights.

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One comment

  1. I agree with yhis 100%. As a Christian, black conservative , it infuriates me when I see the black race equated with sex or abnormal behavior. Basically as if to say the because whites treated blacks differently, they differently is the same as black different no matter how outrageous and and downright disgusting their lifestyle CHOICE may be. I can show you you a thousand people who chose yo be gay. But I can’t one who chose to be black.
    During the Jim Crow era, every white gay person around was free to go about their lives. Not so, for blacks. No one could serve us. IT WAS AGAINST NATIONAL LAWS to treat us equal to whites. There was no bakery down the street. ….sigh….its not the same.