What These Georgia Tech Students Think of Men Competing Against Women

Should men be allowed to compete against women in sports? That’s a simple question that requires a yes or a no.

The difficulty for the “Yes” group is to explain why, given the physical advantages men have and always will have over women.

Athletes have been barred from competing after taking drugs that enhance their performances against people of the same sex with comparable skills. But a man competing against women? He has many performance-enhancing qualities compared to women: larger heart, larger brain, greater lung capacity, greater strength, faster reflexes, etc. Yet, if he pretends to be a woman and takes testosterone-suppressing drugs for a year or two or three, he may compete and beat all the women in the women’s competitions.

Watch the clip below and prepare for a shocker.

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  1. They realize the truth. Instintively they know the truth. They state the truth and then they deem the truth not to be true, due to “bigger issues”. The brain washing and manipulative actions of higher education (and now aggressively spreading to K-12) over the past few decades, has come to an evil fruition, as most of the “scholars” planned. We MUST continue to expose this and engage in battle against it. Our young people’s lives depend on us speaking the Truth. God help and guide us and keep us committed.

  2. PS I add that they are fearful of speaking the truth, due to the cancel culture war against free thinking and speech, being waged against us. Civil discourse is being trashed. Agree to disagree is no longer tolerated. All VERY disconcerting.