When Liberals Who Identify as ‘Christian’ Defend Roe

So if you repeat the exact same propaganda as Planned Parenthood, are you really #prolife? 

Author, and former evangelical, Rachel Held Evans seems to think so. The liberal, who identifies as a Christian, decided to tweet a long diatribe defending Roe in light of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement. 

It didn’t go well (see my video takedown here). Her eugenics-laden, screed of pro-abortion talking points resorted to calling pro-lifers, who support Trump, racists who oppress people of color. 

Yawn. Doesn’t it get tiring using the same lame accusations?

She is the typical liberal abortion apologist. They love their “complex nuances”. Yet their lies are simple to identify. So I’ll highlight her top 5 pathetic defenses of keeping the violence of Roe legal.

1.  Conviction Versus Condition

Evans first claims that “I’m prolife by conviction, though my views on the legalities of abortion are complex, ever-evolving, and detailed elsewhere.” Convictions rooted in immutable truths don’t shift with every political wind or triggered feeling. Of course we’ve never heard this line before—“I’m personally against ________, but I don’t think it should be legislated.” If slavery abolitionists chose to embrace that same chasm between morality and political action, the 13th Amendment wouldn’t exist. 

Roe is not freedom, for anyone. It is oppression, no matter what nuance you try to spin.

2.  Clueless about Prolife Movement

Evans reveals her complete ignorance about the prolife movement by charging us with only valuing hypothetical “white, blue-eyed, motherless babies”. Eugenicists idealize certain WhatAbortionReallyIs.com - The Radiance Foundationbabies (“wanted”, wealthy, mostly white). The Pro-life movement defends and values all unborn human children and the parents who procreate them. The prolife movement, not the eugenic abortion industry, cares for mother and child…and father (which Evans never mentions in her entire thread). I guess her own child deserves a father, but others…not so much. She clearly hasn’t been tuned into anything going on in the Pro-life movement. Have you seen any of our campaigns? TooManyAborted.comWhatAbortionReallyIs.com?

More evidence of this is her bizarre assertion that pregnancy care centers merely “give out free diapers”. These donor-funded pregnancy help centers provide far more care than Planned Parenthood does for mothers. And all of their services are free, which include free pregnancy tests, parenting classes, material assistance (furniture, maternity/baby clothes, toys, and yes diapers, which are a huge expense). Many run maternity homes (Planned Parenthood operates none of them). Some offer life coachingSTD testing/treatmentmentors for fathersGED completion classesfree prenatal caregynecological servicesadoption services, even marriage support and job training. Many partner with local resources that, together, help provide a holistic approach to meeting needs. 

3. Lack of Access…to the Truth. 

Evans is just empty on facts. Although she acknowledges abortion rates are up to 5 times higher in the black community, she blames this on pro-lifers, you know, because conservative"Lack of Access" by The Radiance Foundation oppression. She doesn’t call out an industry that kills millions and disproportionately targets poor minorities—but the people that fight an evil industry. What’s more systemic and more racist than more black babies being aborted than born alive? In 2014, for every 1,000 black babies born alive, there were 1,101 aborted (currently 1,039 are aborted). Contrary to Evans’ claims, Hispanics are more impoverished than Blacks in NYC (24% versus 21.5%) and are less insured (17% versus 10.5%) yet have half the abortion rate. When Planned Parenthood tweets that black women are better off having an abortionist kill there child than giving birth—yes, real systemic racism. 

4. Bogus Charges of Oppression

I’ve worked in poor black communities many of my adult years as a community volunteer, a mentor, and leader. People from across the political spectrum work with the broken, the hurting, the poor. I’m so tired of those who regurgitate this easy and unoriginal lie that “prolifers/conservatives don’t care about people after they’re born”. Many of just don’t happen to think that welfare is an effective solution to communities ravaged by poverty, violence, drugs, and fatherlessness. “Safety net” programs often don’t make situations safe. Evans—who is a white married woman with a father for their child—apparently thinks that government is a good substitute for actual fathers. 

The welfare state couldn’t exist, by the way, if both political parties didn’t legislate it into existence and continually vote to sustain it. Our government is to provide for the general welfare of its people, not excessively provide welfare. Political power requires dependency, just like liberalism requires an abundance of victimhood. Newsflash—the War on Poverty and its billions haven’t ended poverty. On the 50th anniversary of the “unconditional” War on Poverty, $22 trillion spent hasn’t resulted in the change that progressives claimed America would see. Welfare shouldn’t be a destination but a temporary place for those in need to get the necessary support in order to help better their current situation and be freed from a life of dependency. 

5. Elevation, Not Elimination

Evans deleted her thread on defending Roe. She claims others have misrepresented her views. No. We haven’t misrepresented her views. She misrepresented Christianity. 

As a pro-life factivist, it is not my job to tackle every issue of (real) injustice. It’s not feasibly possible. As Christians, who are part of the body of Christ that specialize in different areas, we are called to work collectively to “speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, ensure justice for those being crushed” and to “speak up for the poor and the helpless and see that they get justice”. It doesn’t say repeat the lies of an industry that kills the image of God 2,500 times a day in our country. It doesn’t say stand with those who celebrate the shedding of innocent blood as a “right”. 

What the Bible I know says about any circumstance, humanly planned or unplanned, is that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Truth. It’s immutable. It’s not that complex. And it’s the only thing that brings freedom.

Ryan Scott BombergerRyan Bomberger is the Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of The Radiance Foundation. He is happily married to his best friend, Bethany, who also happens to be the Executive Director of Radiance. They are adoptive parents with four awesome munchkins. Ryan is a creative agitator and international public speaker who just loves illuminating that every human life has purpose.

The views expressed in opinion articles are solely those of the author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by Black Community News.

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  1. There are two factions the Pro-Life and Pro-Death (under the misnomer Pro-Choice). I can’t believe any religion would condone the killing of the unborn. Or how any self identifying “Christian” could support abortion.
    When I see these pro abortion marches I only wish the reporters would survey those protestors as to how many have actually had an abortion.
    Sanger and the Democrat part believed legalized abortion was a way to keep the minority population down. The 22 trillion spent on the war on poverty did nothing more than to keep the downtrodden from advancing. The Democrats believe the money was well spent, look how many votes they bought.
    Keep up the good work Ryan – God Bless

  2. “In 2014, for every 1,000 black babies born alive, there were 1,101 aborted….” There, boys and girls, is the answer to the question the black community should be asking, WHY is the portion of the American population in the black communities stagnated at 12-13%! The false flag of focusing on the “perceived genocide” (not) perpetrated on blacks by the police, instead of recognizing the true genocide by abortion and black on black killings, was generated decades ago by DEMOCRATS. LBJ was reported to have stated, after his “Great Society” implementation, that he would have those N****** voting democrat for the next 200 years – over 50 in the bank already!

  3. I always believed any health issue should belong to the person and Doctor, family. Abortion as politized by the parties for votes and the suppression of same, can we not discuss why the other side of the issue, The silent male? Why can’t he claim his rights not to be burdened with a costly human? Given that many leftist claimed a major reason for abortion was the financial health of the woman. The male directing a female to have or abort a human sounds mean. Let us say he does not have a voice in the decision but has the decision not to be financially involved in the woman’s choice. I wonder if this would anger the “We have all the right’s” side? I do find it interesting that the abortion movement was a very racist and bigoted elitist movement. I guess you could call it the “Racist solution? of the Democrat Party.