Why Does the ‘Party of Choice’ Oppose THIS Choice?

Jennifer Burke, co-founder and co-editor of The Politistick, a news and opinion site, recently appeared on Fox News to talk about Donald Trump reaching out to black voters.

Burke said she’s not a huge Trump supporter but believes he’s right about Democratic policies and the state of black Americans under President Barack Obama.

She noted that Democrats call themselves the party of choice, “but they’re not the party of choice when it comes to something that’s going to actually be beneficial to children, period, but especially black children.”

What choice is that? School choice, which opens up more options for parents “to give their kids an actual shot at achieving the American dream.”

One of the hosts cited an Education Next poll that showed blacks prefer school choice. For example, 58 percent support school vouchers, and 44 percent support charter schools. Why do Democrats oppose school choice?

Burke said it’s all about control. From kindergarten through graduate schools, liberals control the policies.

“We’ve seen [schools] turn more into indoctrination centers than actually teaching some of the core things that students should know,” she said. “That’s why kids graduate from high school, if they’re lucky, and…have to take some remedial courses in college, because they haven’t learned a lot of the things that they should learn.”

Government even “slowly dips its hand” into homeschooling to have control.

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  1. Real school choice includes public, private, charter and home schools as an option for parents. Not just charter schools.

    This is what everyone must understand about school choice…….in order for the poor and most lower middle class working parents to have school choice there must be a voucher or opportunity scholarship program available to them. Remember, the rich and wealthy already have school choice. Let the voucher follow the child…….starting with the poorest among us having the first choice/opportunity.

    A voucher or opportunity scholarship program is what Democrats and opponents of school choice hate the most……….because the money would follow the child to the school of the parent’s choice. This would reduce local school boards and education bureaucrats control of “Tax Dollars”.

    Forcing public schools to compete by relinquishing control of tax money via vouchers are what public school officials fear the most. They know that their abuse and waste of tax payers money would be over.

    Understanding how a voucher system should work is key to reforming education. There are many people who try to confuse the issue making all kind of excuses to keep the dumb down status quo system. These people have no concern for improving education. Their goal is to keep their jobs and to help their friends get school contracts. Educating children of color is secondary.

  2. If the Gimmecrats ever actually adopted school choice, and put it on a solid footing, it would be one government program that would actually produce something besides lies, debt, and corruption. It will never happen as long as the teachers’ unions have any power at all. The Gimmecrats are all about protecting their cronies and screwing the rest of us.