Why Kanye’s Conservatism Flamed Out

In just a few short weeks Kanye West endured more scrutiny, criticism and vitriol than most black conservatives will receive in our lifetime. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to anyone that he would distance himself from #BLEXIT (a movement started by Turning Point’s Candace Owens to encourage blacks to exit the Democratic Party), and why his newly found love for conservatism was short-lived. Speaking of #BLEXIT, West tweeted, “I’ve been used to spread messages I don’t believe in.”

After the “blacklash” Kanye received from his fellow artists Jay-Z and Beyonce, Snoop-Dogg, rapper “TI” and a host of racist elites that appeared on CNN with Don Lemon, who called him a “token negro,” is it any wonder he decided he had had enough of the political spotlight shortly after his visit to the White House with President Trump?

I applaud Kanye for his efforts to enlighten black Americans on the role the Republican Party and the conservative movement have played in securing our liberty, physically and mentally. However, his enthusiasm for conservatism was bound to come to a screeching halt given its lack of depth. So, what went wrong?

First off Kanye’s political transformation was never built on a firm foundation – our Judeo-Christian heritage, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Secondly, he wrongfully assumed that his popularity from the music industry would transfer to politics. I believe that West was caught off guard by the amount of pushback he received from his fans and peers, particularly in the black community.

I think this explains Kanye’s nearly $200K donation to Amara Enyia, a far-left socialist radical that’s running for mayor in Chicago. His donation was likely an attempt to buy back his “ghetto pass” in order to save his career and re-establish his street cred.

Kanye’s intentions to free blacks from political groupthink were admirable. However, he made the classic mistake of focusing on the “what” behind the conservative movement before the “why.”

In other words, Kanye’s political philosophy started with policy instead of with the God of the Bible – the God that created us and gave us the unalienable rights spoken of so eloquently in the Declaration of Independence and outlined by our forefathers in the Bill of Rights. He didn’t understand that the reason President Trump arrived at many of his policy positions was because he inherently understands that America is an exceptional nation worthy of preservation because it’s a nation that values God, and by extension the individual rights of man that were established by our Creator.

Since God is the source of our national morality, the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments were added to our Constitution, as an expression of repentance to God, under the leadership of the Republican Party. Slavery wasn’t just a “blight” on our nation’s history, as some commentators have expressed. It was a national sin that needed to be corrected to secure the blessings of liberty for all Americans, including freed slaves.

Kanye rightfully recognized that many blacks today are still in bondage to Uncle Sam, but mostly of their own free will. When he infamously yelled out, “You think racism can stop me?!” in his meeting with Trump in the Oval Office, he was trying to convey to blacks that racism in America is no longer an adequate excuse to deter anyone from achieving his or her goals in America. Sadly, far too many blacks aren’t ready for that greater message because we’ve become so dependent upon government that we’ve neglected to use our God-given abilities to win.

You would think more blacks would look at Kanye West and think, “If he can make it in America, so can I.” I’m certain that’s what Kanye expected. He’s been a role model in the creative world, why not in the political arena? The problem was he underestimated the stronghold the Democratic Party, backed by the national media machine, has on minorities. These institutions want us to believe that we will always be victims of white America so that they never lose their power over us. I’m proud of Kanye, albeit briefly, for seeing these institutions for what they really are.

Despite his retreat, I give him Kanye a “C” for effort. No one can say that he didn’t put a crack in the proverbial dam that holds back the conservative tsunami I pray will one day engulf black Americans. Until that happens, it’s pretty cool to see that more blacks are putting their own cracks in that wall, and I don’t believe it’s a far stretch to give Kanye West some credit for that.

Originally published at WND.com

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  1. Love the article. Very well put.

    Original points I haven’t heard elsewhere.

    This site rocks. Keep up the GREAT work.

  2. Thanks so much, Elliot. 😉

  3. That’s what Chicago needs – a socialist mayor – to prevent the shootings. When they see a fire they might as well pour gasoline on it.
    It was just a matter of time that Kanye would roll over and cave in to ghetto pressure, thus negating all his statements about being a free thinker – welcome back to the plantation Kanye.

  4. George S. Potts III. Doc USN-USMC

    Your article was very well-stated; Also, I am now glad to be reading your website daily. Finally, I wish a good Veteran’s Day to your team and yourself.

    • Semper Fidelis from a respectful civvie Mr. Potts. As to Kanye, I suspect it’s more of a question that he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways, as the book of James warned us about. Like Pharoah, he appears to have been a rod that bruised the hand that grasped it. Shame. Hopefully Candace Owens will be made of sterner stuff. As it wasn’t that long ago that she was a committed leftists, however, I’m not sure I’m willing to trust her overmuch until she proves she has turned a new leaf conclusively. I have the same caution for the #Walkaway movement for the same reason. I suspect that they still hold to a lot of panaceas sacred to the left that they will need to be cured of before they will be truly trustworthy.

  5. Your comment was really filled in some blanks I’ve had for a long time. I’m a 62-year old Black woman and I’ve never been a Democrat. My mother was an independent and my dad was a Democrat. He told me when I was 20 years old, my first time voting, to register Democrat and vote for Jimmy Carter. You didn’t argue with my father. However, between the Muriel Boat Lift, the Shah of Iran being overthrown in a coup, while Carter did nothing, the hostage crisis and the rising crime, that was it for me. I felt Democrats were dangerous and not fit to lead my country. Also, I was pro-life. I used to wonder why Black people all voted for Democrats. I’ve never seen that in any other race where 85-90% of one race voted one way, across all socio-economic groups and educational levels. I could never understand it. The few Black friends that I had couldn’t understand why I wasn’t . I was told the usual, Democrats were the “Party of the people” and the Republicans were the “Party of the rich” but after what I saw Carter do to my country (I’ve always had a nationalistic streak) and abortion!!—I found Roe v. Wade scary and I believed my country was on a highway to Hell. I thought Democrats were out of their mind!

    You said Kanye West started with policy. He actually started by just making a statement months before that he liked the way Candace Owens thinks. He got slammed for that1. The MAGA hat just brought out the haters in full force. He was trashed and bashed, called every name in the book, had his face photoshopped White in the paper. I felt this was sick. I give him all his props that he lasted as long as he did. Also, when he goes into that voting both to vote, it’s just him and God so you never know what he may be thinking. He didn’t get treated like that by White people. He got that from his so-called “brothers and sisters”! I can’t blame this all on the Democratic Party. This bashing wasn’t about Party. It was about Black “oversears” with the whip to “discipline” an “unruly” slave. That’s exactly how I saw it. These are your ”crackas” and “coons”. People who do things like this are not comfortable in their own skin. They have a problem being Black. You ever notice that the only people obsessed with “White Supremacy’ are “White supremacists” and Black Democrats. The only Supreme Being is God! I believe “supremacy” is a Divine trait meant only for God. We mere mortals don’t handle it very well. Assigning Supremacy to something or someone other than God is blasphemy. You could lose your humanity in life and your soul in death. Too many of our people are playing “follow the leader” and these “leaders” are leading them straight to Hell. If you have to change your own heart and mind before you can change the way you vote, how does one do that when they hate themselves?

    They can start to change their thinking by not being so selfish and thinking everything is about race and everything is about them: When my family moved out of an inner city neighborhood two months after I became a teenager, the inner cities get worse and worse, my friends were pregnant and mom forbade me to go back there after we had moved. The Black—owned businesses in the area (and there were a few) had to close because it got so bad. “Blaxploitation” movies of the 70’s coming out of Hollywood didn’t help. I wasn’t allowed to go to the movies without my mom. I didn’t see those until I was grown. Then in the 80’s there was crack and devastation. The cities were already bad before crack. They just got worse after. “Lead kids” of the 60’0-70’s were having crack babies in the 80’s. However, crack was not dumped into this country to destroy the Black race! Freeway Ricky Ross was supplied by the CIA and sold it willingly. Black driug dealers don’t get a pass with me. However don’t think cocaine and crack was only destroying lives in the ghetto. Cocaine was also destributed by the CIA to the Italian and Irish mob. By the 80’s, I was married and living in one of those “closed” communities. Lot of broken lives there as well. My husband and I stayed in small towns in upstate NY when he had to travel up there for work. Cocaine was also distributed to bikers and militias so they could spread the poison around to their people. Lot of broken lives in upstate New York, and Texas. I worked on Wall Street in NYC. Wall Street was infested with it. Lot’s of pretty wild Christmas parties on 2nd shift. Not to mention the fact that speed had been killing White kids for years. Black people should never think that they are the only one’s getting this. I used to wonder why the press considered crack a “ghetto” drug and why people in the inner cities felt that it was dumped into their communities when it was all over everywhere. Cocaine was meant to finance a war and free some hostages in Iran.

    The NOI, the Unification Church, the Church of Scientology and Black Liberation Theology, are false religions preached by false prophets. Yet greedy pastors allowed this virus to infect their churches. Certain “Reverends” are preaching a slave sermon and using a charisma that’s not of the Light. God can come back to His home in their churches when they throw these demons out. You’re a man who knows God. Then you must know how dangerous preaching blasphemies from the pulpit is. As well as letting false prophets into God’s House. Black Liberation Theology is the word of James H. Cone—not the word of God. It also gives credibility to the Devil’s lie of “White Supremacy”. Slaves never believed in “White supremacy” because if they did, we’d be extinct. We would have died out in this country because we would have had no God and no hope. James H. Cone’s bible is false. A soulless demon walked into Mother Emanuel AME Church and shot 8 people and one false prophet. Debbie Dills was on her way to work early the next morning when she spotted Roof’s car and recognized his bowl haircut. She said the Lord told her that this man needed to be caught. She turned her car around in South Carolina and headed for North Carolina following Roof and calling the cops at the same time. It took about 20 minutes when the cops caught up to him and arrested him. I hate to think how many more would have died if Debbie had believed in “White supremacy” instead of in God. That woman was an angel. Who knows how many Black lives she saved. An angel and a demon are the same color. Who is best qualified to grant people the discernment to tell the difference? God? Or James H. Cone? Far to many of our people can’t tell the Darkness from the Light. That’s so scary.

    I’m sorry. I know I’m going on an one but there are times when I just have to do this. They need to come back to the Light.

    God Bless you. Tell others.

  6. Kanye may have legitimate fear of the left. They put him in a mental institution the last time he went off on a “rant” at his own concert. A good rant I might add. They don’t play around when u go against the deep state. Hoping he remembers his Christian roots very soon