Why This Former Trump Transition Team Member Says He Applauds Facebook

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  1. If Russian propaganda causes Americans to vote for a certain candidate and there is an uproar, then why is nothing said when the Democrats and Republicans put forth their propaganda?
    Remember when the Obama administration funneled money into the Israeli election trying to defeat Netanyahu. How many Americans even know about it?
    Let’s just change the name to Farcebook and the problem will be solved.

  2. The US has been “Messing In” the elections of other countries fo decades. Yet we feign indignance over this. Did any Russians stuff the Ballot Box? Well, we had thousands of Illegal Aliens vote. And Don’t forget about NJ and the infamous votes cast by the dearly departed each election… Did any Russians try to imtimidate US citizens from going into polling places? Well, members of the New Black Panthers “stood guard” over Suburban Polling places resulting in numerous complaints of voter intimidation that went ignored, even skoffed at by the media.

    So please.. Stop the whining and grow up.

    BTW I so love the Journalists here on Black Community News. You tell it like it is and don’t bow down to the false Gods on either side… One of the rare places to get actual reporting…