Why This Obama Voter Changed Her Mind About Him

Ginni Thomas, wife of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, interviewed a woman named Antonia Okafor about the exiting President Barack Obama, a man she voted for twice.

A contributor to The Daily Caller, Thomas revealed that Okafor, a Second Amendment supporter who worked with Students for Concealed Carry, became disillusioned with the president’s approach to race relations.

Okafor is “sad and disappointed” with Obama’s failures as the first black president. Instead of being a peacemaker, he gave license to a “dangerous narrative” that hateful people can do anything to whites because of their skin color. She hears others believing and promoting this disturbing belief, a belief reflected in the “heartbreaking” Chicago Facebook live video of the four blacks who tortured a white special needs boy.

Instead of unifying America, Obama has “agitated” to the point where others call for “race wars” because of the power and control progressives can wield if certain voices, facts and logic can be marginalized, she explains.

Okafor has lost many friends for shifting her worldview, and was even been surrounded by a hostile, threatening Black Lives Matter mob in Austin, Texas, that chanted “traitor” at her. The pushback she receives only seems to strengthen her resolve to think, use facts and logic and help others. She is optimistic that with one-on-one conversations, more lives and worldviews can be changed, as opposed to the “shout-fest” occurring on social media.

Watch this ad Okafor did for the NRA:

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  1. She is right… the one on one conversation is the only way we are going to get over this and can be heard louder than the shouts coming from both sides who need the crowd to bolster their attack. Alone we can win wars with conversation and understanding..