72 Women Sent a Letter Urging the Senate to Pass Fairness in Sports Bill — They Need YOUR Support

Independent Women’s Voice announced that 72 women have sent a letter to Congress applauding the House for passing H.R. 734, “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act,” and urging the Senate to pass the bill, which would protect fairness and opportunity in sports and preserve safe spaces for women.

“Forcing female athletes, like ourselves, to compete against biological males is not only unfair, it is discriminatory and illegal,” the women wrote (PDF). “Allowing biological males to take awards, roster spots, scholarships, or spots at a school from female athletes violates Title IX’s prohibition of discrimination ‘on the basis of sex.’ The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act amends Title IX to make that explicitly clear and puts athletic organizations, athletic directors, and bureaucrats at the Department of Education on notice that they may not adopt policies that promote ‘inclusion’ on the backs of women.”

Leading the charge is Riley Gaines, Stand With Women Spokeswoman. Gaines has been outspoken on this issue. She competed against the man calling himself Lia Thomas and pretending to be a woman. He won the NCAA 500-yard freestyle race swimming against women. He threw the two other races. ESPN called him brave for easily beating the women, who are smaller, shorter, and slower than him.

Gaines went off.

“Lia Thomas is not a brave, courageous woman who EARNED a national title. He is an arrogant, cheat who STOLE a national title from a hardworking, deserving woman. The @ncaa is responsible. If I was a woman working at ESPN, I would walk out. You’re spineless @espn.”

There should be nothing heated about the debate whether to allow men with sexual fantasies about being women to compete on women’s sports teams. The answer should always be NO. We all know — even people who support “trans” — that men generally are taller, larger, and faster than women. They have larger muscles and hearts, denser bones, and more lung capacity. Testosterone provides a huge advantage. Everyone understands this.

The Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE) understands this. That’s why Star Parker, president of CURE, and Marty Dannenfelser, vice president of Government Relations and Coalitions at CURE, sent a letter to Congress supporting the bill.

In addition to protecting fairness and opportunities, keeping women’s sports exclusive to women gives them safe spaces. Women aren’t just uncomfortable working as hard as they can, knowing they will lose to a man. They’re uncomfortable changing in front of a man. Women deserve safe and private spaces, and we must respect their sense of modesty.

BCN asks you to take up this cause and support every woman you know, see, or hear about who is speaking out against the degradation of their sports teams and their future as athletes.

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