What Does it Say About Democrats If Cuomo Isn’t Removed From Office? — Star Parker Has the Answer

The New York State Attorney General’s office this week concluded an investigation of Governor Andrew Cuomo and found that he sexually harassed multiple women, state employees among them, and violated federal and state law.

Star Parker appeared on Victory News this week to discuss it. Cuomo has said he won’t resign. Will the Democratic party pressure him to step down? Host Greg Stephens asked Star: If Cuomo isn’t removed from office, what does that tell us about the party he serves?

The Democratic party is corrupted, Star said, and we know it. “There’s no reason that we should believe them anytime now that they tried to make sexual excuses for their own,” especially considering how leftists treated Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Justice Clarence Thomas. The left’s hypocrisy “is fascinating.”

Star said it takes a lot for Christians to say, “Be angry but don’t sin” or where Scripture tells us that a soft answer turns away wrath.

“That is not Washington, D.C. today,” she said. “Our rule of law has broken down, and Washington is leading the charge.” Watch Star’s segment, which begins at 23:44.

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  1. We already know all we need to about the Democrat party. The party of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, and the KKK, has morphed into the party of forcing experimental drugs on its citizens, seizing American’s personal property, spying on Americans, censorship, the destruction of the American family, genital mutilation of children, voter fraud, scapegoating of a whole race of people, and scapegoating their political “enemies.” These people have sunk to lows that no decent person could ever have imagined. If we can’t stop this, I think we will witness atrocities that we thought we had left in the annuls of history. The Democrat party is leading the world into a time of darkness from which we may never emerge.

    • The party names don’t matter, who was responsible for the confederacy? Southern conservates were who their political descendants now inhabit the republican party and KKK and Jim crow. People who know history aren’t tricked by your silly word games. Pretty sure conservatives have used “darkies” to scapegoat their problems more than anyone has.

  2. Cuomo should face charges on this sexual charges against these women, but I believe it’s a look this way and not look at the people that died because of his orders to effected with covid back into nursing homes. he was responsible for hundreds and hundreds of deaths. So the dems would rather you see him just loose his job then charges against him for the deaths of all these people. He’s a Democrat let him loose his job Not be charged with the deaths of your grandparents.

  3. Many people believe as Jim, who posted above, that this whole thing is to GET Cuomo out of office so that he can just disappear and never be held accountable for the deaths he caused. This is actually better for the Dems, and for him. “Look this way!”

    • So, like most Democrats who fail in spectacular catastrophes it’s my opinion that he will fail upwards.