Baltimore Just Launched an Effort to Help This Group — And It’s Not American Taxpayers or the Cops

How is the city of Baltimore dealing with high crime, high unemployment, and failing government schools?

Not the way many Americans hoped. The Conservative Review’s Deneen Borelli lays out the sad truth, a truth that should make hard-working, law-abiding Baltimore residents angry.

The city just launched an effort to pay lawyers to help illegal aliens fight deportation. Taxpayers will foot half of the $200,000 bill.

The high-crime, high-unemployment city can’t even keep the heat running in some of the schools, Borelli said. A former student started a go-fund-me campaign to buy space heaters for the city’s schools!

Watch the clip to find out what Borelli says Baltimore should do. (Liberals in the high-homicide-rate city probably won’t like it.)

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One comment

  1. Deneen, me dawlin’, you missed the point. America has a gun violence problem. Are not these Baltimore kids taking part in that anti-NRA/gun march? Probably “require” a day or two off to refresh those mushy minds to better advance their “math skills?”

    America is ranked where in the industrialized world in education? 1st (LOL), 10th (not close), 17th or lower (go to the head of the class)!