Star Parker: This is All Liberal Politicians Want for Their Constituents — And It’s Tragic

Why did Rep. Steve Cohen bring up welfare programs (government dependency) when the discussion during a House subcommittee hearing was about protecting unborn babies?

Because liberals think abortion is welfare.

Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, testified on Capitol Hill earlier this month in support of the Heartbeat Protection Act. She called Rep. Cohen disingenuous for conflating welfare with killing the unborn. He called her ignorant while the cameras were rolling and approached her after the hearing.

Star said recently on Fox News that Rep. Cohen’s majority-black district in Tennessee looks like “all of the social ills.” His district is “Exhibit A for everything that has gone wrong in America when it comes to liberals. Big Government and abortion — that’s all they want for their districts, and it’s just tragic for them and for us as a nation.”

Star said women don’t have the right information when they go into abortion clinics, and this needs to be addressed in the law. That’s why she supports bills like the Heartbeat Protection Act. What else is happening in abortion clinics? Listen to the brief clip:

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