The Election of Winsome Sears in VA Goes Against What Leftists Want

Lt. Gov-elect Winsome Sears became the first black woman voted to statewide office in Virginia on Tuesday, November 2. If only she were a Democrat! She’d be all over magazine covers and filming a documentary for Netflix. But leftists, if not outright hostile, are not impressed.

Star Parker recently appeared on Victory News to talk about why the media are ignoring this historic election. America works for black Americans, she said, and if it works “for the least of these, an immigrant who can rise themselves up to moment, giving God credit, then it goes against what progressives want.” They don’t want people to self-govern, Star said.

Watch the clip below to hear Star shared a personal anecdote about Sears.

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  1. How can anyone Not LO💙E the Winsome Sears Story, from legal immigrant to 1st Black Lady Lt Governor of VA?
    You’d hav to be Godless, liberal, progressiveNOT, Demon 😈 Krautic and stupid. The continual ignorance of these foke n their anti American partee knows no bounds logic or SHAME just SINISTER.
    Sooo respect Ms Parker, what a role model for ladies!!!

  2. Star Parker, YOU are a Blessing to The USA!
    Thank YOU and Senior Editor for all YOU do!