Uh-Oh: These Liberals Think Former ‘Top Cop’ Kamala Harris Contributed to ‘Mass Incarceration’ of Black People

Some liberals — including black liberals — have a problem with Sen. Kamala Harris, who’s considering a presidential run, because she prosecuted crimes as the California attorney general.

Attorneys general, also known as “top cops,” are part of the executive branch and serve as lawyers for the government. Among other things, they prosecute cases and enforce the law.

They must enforce laws on the books, and “law enforcement” has a negative connotation for some liberals, who believe the criminal justice system is biased against blacks.

The senator might want to rethink her ambitions for 2020.

In a video from 2010 making the social media rounds, Harris talked about prosecuting parents for truancy.

Pro-lifers should be familiar with Harris in her role as AG. She prosecuted the California case against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, who exposed Planned Parenthood’s practice of harvesting body parts of aborted babies to sell to tissue companies. Daleiden accused the government of illegally removing videos during the raid.

Additionally, pro-lifers saw a conflict of interest in the case, because Harris asked constituents to donate money to her U.S. Senate campaign to help stop Congress from defunding the abortion mill.

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  1. The voters need to know how Harris worked her way into politics by being a “campanion” to Mayor Willie Brown.