This Pro-Life Democrat Calls Abortion ‘Mass Genocide’ in Powerful Speech

Treneé McGee, a state representative from Connecticut, gave what sounded almost like a sermon on Friday during the March for Life rally.

“You’ve mocked impoverished communities all while putting clinics in them,” McGee said to the abortion industry. “You’ve told me that I can’t be black and pro-life because black women need abortions more than anyone. You tell us that we are disproportionally impacted, never giving us our due proportions from the start. You have pocketed off the fear and pain of women and minors who don’t feel fit to parent. You’ve handed minors abortion pills in silence and told them not to tell their parents. The aches and pains of rape, trafficking, and fear of mothering has made you rich.”

Young people who care about babies in the womb, take heed:

“I stand here today, and I proclaim life,” McGee said. “I proclaim future generations will live and not die.”

Black women who care about babies in the womb, listen to this:

“May we make room to hear black women speak and believe them in this movement. And as we march towards the prize of life, let us…understand that we must march hand in hand, that we must march together, because in unity there is strength. So we must deal with our emotional prejudices in the things that we are committed to in order to not only protect life but sustain life. Because we are gonna be different. We are not only pro-life but we care about moms, too. We care about families. We care about education. Pro-life for the whole life.”

This speech was so good that excerpting doesn’t do it justice. You need to hear the passion in her voice. Take the time to watch this three-minute clip.

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  1. Thank you for posting. I’m grateful to Yahweh for this speech but how can this woman stay a demoncRAT- it’s so Oxy-Moronic to me. To be so passionate yet pardon her party over GENOCIDE? Can anyone imagine calling out killing yet representing them daily?? Smh. Ignorant. Blind or both… maybe deaf to her own words. Come out fr among them! Pleeeeeeease 🙏

    • Maybe she believes she can turn the Dems around – quixotic, yes, but worth a try!

      I live in CT, and personally I’m very glad that there’s at least ONE pro-lifer in our state assembly, even if she is a Dem. Sadly, many Republicans here are country-club types who think abortion is a great way to reduce the welfare rolls.

      Lately our local paper has been inundated with opinion columns from members of both parties, urging the GOP to be “moderate” – by which they mean talking like conservatives while giving the Left whatever it wants. They’ve learned nothing from Trump and just want to go back to being gracious losers.