WATCH: New Documentary on the Fascinating Thomas Sowell

Jason Riley, a member of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board, said he spent 20 years studying the life of Dr. Thomas Sowell. The culmination of this work is a new documentary produced by Free to Choose Media called “Common Sense in a Senseless World,” and a book titled Maverick.

The full-length documentary below features commentary from Larry Elder, who calls Sowell the era’s greatest economist, a sociologist who has “written books about virtually every culture that’s every existed,” and “America’s greatest contemporary living philosopher.”

The late Walter Williams appears in this documentary as well as Harvard professor and author, Stephen Pinker, author Victor Davis Hanson, and rapper Eric July.

Riley revealed some lesser known things about Sowell. For instance, he’s a world-traveling photographer,and he once considered himself a Marxist.

Sowell’s economic theories and ideas influenced many people. What distinguishes Sowell’s scholarship, Riley asked? Among other things, Sowell is intellectually honest, he asks the right questions, gathers the right data, and follows facts to their logical conclusion, even if the conclusion turns out to be unpopular.

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  1. Often overlooked about Dr. Sowell: He was a member of President Kennedy’s Council of Economic Advisors. A remarkable man. A funny story: He was lecturing and a student expressed doubt about his economic findings in asking: “Are you sure this is right? What you said in class is from the book?” “I’m pretty sure. I wrote your text book. Look on the inside cover. There’s my picture.”