WATCH: Why Are Democratic Leaders Giving in to Voices of the Mob?

Why are Democrats abandoning civility?

Ken Blackwell, formerly a domestic policy adviser to the Trump Presidential Transition Team and presently a Senior Fellow at the American Civil Rights Union and the Family Research Council, recently appeared on Fox News to talk about the boycotting liberal lawmakers and “rent-a-riots.”

What we’re seeing, Blackwell said, are withdrawal symptoms manifesting in irrational behavior from people on the left. Elites maintained control “by having government manage the economy as opposed to free markets, free men, and free women making decisions within the marketplace…”

How best to handle the freak-out?

President Trump can stay focused and continue to do what voters sent him to Washington to do, Blackwell said — disrupt the status quo, get the economy growing again, produce jobs again, and establish borders again.

“When it comes to these paid disruptors, these anarchists, I have faith that our safety officials have gone through all sorts of scenario planning, and will…have a peaceful Super Bowl because people are prepared.”

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  1. I SO appreciate your fair & honest news! I just recently ran across this wonderful source of news & I am just so blessed to find your conservative views which resonante with many of my own conservative views. In the past I have only known African Americans that are ‘dyed in the wool’ democrats. Several I value as friends, but I believe they are closed to any point of view except the liberal viewpoint (which saddens me). I can’t tell you how truly thrilled I am to find a good number of conservative African Americans in the broader American community. GOD BLESS YOU! I love you !