WATCH: Why Are Democratic Leaders Giving in to Voices of the Mob?

Why are Democrats abandoning civility?

Ken Blackwell, formerly a domestic policy adviser to the Trump Presidential Transition Team and presently a Senior Fellow at the American Civil Rights Union and the Family Research Council, recently appeared on Fox News to talk about the boycotting liberal lawmakers and “rent-a-riots.”

What we’re seeing, Blackwell said, are withdrawal symptoms manifesting in irrational behavior from people on the left. Elites¬†maintained control “by having government manage the economy as opposed to free markets, free men, and free women making decisions within the marketplace…”

How best to handle the freak-out?

President Trump can stay focused and continue to do what voters sent him to Washington to do, Blackwell said — disrupt the status quo, get the economy growing again, produce jobs again, and establish borders again.

“When it comes to these paid disruptors, these anarchists, I have faith that our safety officials have gone through all sorts of scenario planning, and will…have a peaceful Super Bowl because people are prepared.”

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  1. I SO appreciate your fair & honest news! I just recently ran across this wonderful source of news & I am just so blessed to find your conservative views which resonante with many of my own conservative views. In the past I have only known African Americans that are ‘dyed in the wool’ democrats. Several I value as friends, but I believe they are closed to any point of view except the liberal viewpoint (which saddens me). I can’t tell you how truly thrilled I am to find a good number of conservative African Americans in the broader American community. GOD BLESS YOU! I love you !