This Black Conservative Talks About the Left’s Intolerance

Liberals didn’t like Kanye West defending conservative Candace Owens after she stood her ground against members of “Black Lives Matter.”

Dissent? The party that has a lock on at least 90 percent of the “black vote” and doesn’t tolerate dissent very well might have to get used to it.

The Democratic party once enslaved blacks, Owens said on Fox News. Are they now enslaving minds? They’ve told blacks “who we must love, who we must hate, what we must think, what ideas are unacceptable.”

Owens said she “thinks differently, Kanye West thinks differently.” She and West will probably have disagreements, she said, but they would agree on the right to be free thinkers.

“I don’t understand what’s so controversial for the left to understand this,” Owens said. The left has demonized West, she added. What effect will this have? Watch the brief clip to hear what else Owens had to say.

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One comment

  1. When the common White “democrat” was shackling, whipping, starving, raping, murdering, denying religion and literacy (and even confiscating new-born babies), the ballot box had little to nothing to do with their wanton hatred of Black people.